Sjalgar’s WoW Journal: Engineering, Ner’gosh, and CoE!

Mastering Engineering
It takes a while, but I’m getting closer to mastering engineering. While looking for a few bumps this evening, I found that I finally possessed the skill to construct Gnomish Rocket Boots. In addition to being mighty cool, the mats seemed reasonable to collect. As tailoring is my other profession I knew I could sew the black mageweave boots that were necessary. A quick check revealed that I would be able to do so with just a few more bumps. All I needed was some silk. Being level 49 I figured there were none too many zones that would provide meaningful questing while also providing steady silk drops so I opted for a compromise in Stranglethorn Vale. Unfortunately the silk drops were pretty weak so I instead moved on to Eastern Plaguelands. There I was able to collect the silk I needed to advance into mageweave, while also completing some of the scarlet crusade quest lines. Win!

Ner’gosh the Shadow
One of my earliest memories of Azeroth was flying over the searing gorge and looking down to see an altar of sorts surrounded by three large stone statues. It was a much higher zone than my character was able to enter at the time and I distinctly remember thinking how cool it would be when I could challenge the denizens of the area and learn what that altar was all about. Back in vanilla WoW it didn’t really do much, but since the cataclysm there is a great quest line there for late 40s and early level 50s characters. Today I completed that quest line, killing an evil warlock; Ner’gosh the Shadow! Cool to think back all those years to the first time I saw that altar and wondered about what secrets it might hold.

Curse of Elements
As a result of questing first in the plaguelands and then furthermore in the searing gorge I hit level 52, meaning access to curse of elements. That will help fights go a lot faster. It’s fun playing a warlock again and rediscovering how different the game plays at the lower levels, but I’d forgotten how underpowered I felt without some of the basic cursing and debuffing tools at my disposal. Sjalgar is just coming into the sweet spot.

Questing with Braelyn
Arguably the best part of this evening though was getting to quest with Braelyn. It’s been a while since Meaghan and I played WoW together but just like riding a bike, you never forget. It didn’t take us long at all to fall right back into the rhythm of things. We spent a good couple of hours questing together in the Swamp of Sorrows, reminiscing about the old days.

Sjalgar is my latest Warcraft character, another human warlock (because you can never have too many human locks), and these journals are rough notes that I take while adventuring with him in the lands of Azeroth.

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