Warcraft: Account Wide Achievements in Mists

This announcement could be the thing that brings me back to WoW for a good long while. Account-wide achievements is a feature I’ve wanted since first playing the Wrath beta. Achievements were introduced in WotLK and while they brought a great amount of playability to old content, they also created a huge conundrum for players with multiple characters; which character to play on an achievement run. For alt-oholics like myself it was always really tough to pick who my current “main” was and as a result I have a smattering of achievements across a huge number of toons. This change means that all of my characters will benefit from the joined set of their accomplishments. Of course, it isn’t implemented yet and might not make the cut, but it’s certainly fired that Warcraft neuron chain in my brain for now.

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Kung-fu pandas meet World of Warcraft…hmmm.

Got slime? Flowers should clean that up!
While bumbling around in the Eastern Plaguelands this morning, I came across a ziggurat that was all covered in goo and slime (oh nos!) so I decided to cover it with flowers instead. Yay! That’ll help the green slime go away for sure.

Meaghan and I have been playing this game together for over six years now. Every time we think there is nothing left to see we come back and find new fun hiding under a mossy boulder.

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