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Ever since I bought my iPad I’ve been searching for a better way to blog. The WordPress application that ships in the App Store is…well…lacking. I’ve gone through a few different gyrations of toolsets and practices, across a variety of platforms. I’m still searching. Here’s what I do now. What techniques and tools do you use and how can I improve my system? I have a different system per platform now, which is not so shiny.

I write the post content in SublimeText using markup such as [picture of house here] to mark where rich media is to be included. I use mark-down to indicate bold, italics, etc…
When the post is finished I paste the content into the WordPress web interface, upload pictures (see below), and then manually link pictures and convert the mark-down to actual rich text. It’s not massively inconvenient but it’s certainly not perfect either. This is my 80% case.

I use the WordPress app to write the post outline and then save it as a draft. Later I’ll open the web interface and clean up the draft and publish from there.

I upload all of my pictures to SmugMug and then link using URL into the posts when I want to include them. This is a very manual process that takes about 30 seconds per picture. It allows me to use SmugMug as the storage and presentation medium for pictures while still sharing them within the blog. I’d love to have some more automated options for this process.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a post like this. I’m writing again in the hopes that someone else has developed a better technique than I. What is your blogging workflow?

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