Jake’s Summer Brewing Session

Last night I joined our friends at Jake’s house for his summer brewing session. You see Jake brews his own beer. Gotta be a part of that! The equipment was set up in their garage, Jake slaving away over the hot containers, while we sat in the driveway drinking his beer. As usual I brought my camera and was able to grab a good number of pictures. I learned quite a bit about the brewing process last night, as well as a good amount about how good my friend is at making this stuff. Two thumbs up!


Left: DJ and Cassandra   Right: Jake and Andy (reviewing something important)

Fortunately we were blessed with the same incredible weather we’ve been having all week. The sun was out but it wasn’t too hot and stayed a nice mid-seventies even long after the sun had retreated over the horizon. Meaghan was right. I did not need my jacket at all.


Left: Wort container.  Right: Jake…stirring…and really enjoying it.

I’m not sure if it was the beer or the good company but the night seemed to go by very quickly. It was dark before you knew it and time to start filling the fermentation tank.


Left: Jeff and Kevin adding water to the fermentation tank.
Right: Phil overseeing proceedings…and drinking a beer.

Apparently the only part of the process that’s really easy to mess up is keeping the fermentation tank clean. If there is any bacteria at all then it will ruin the batch during the final stages. In the picture above Jeff and Kevin are filling it with hot water. It had earlier been sterilized. Curious to see how it all works out. I wonder how long before we can taste the first samples?


Time to add the hops!


Adding the hops and stirring was definitely my favorite part.

We were each given a jar of hops with a number on it, with instructions to add them when that number of minutes had elapsed. John kept us on point with a timer. We responsibly and carefully added our hops exactly on time…mostly…sort of. I did enjoy stirring the mixture after dumping the jar into the container though. It’s a surprisingly rewarding experience knowing that your actions are helping to make beer.


….aaaaaannd more hops! They were added at very specific time intervals…mostly.


Babies and brewing. Get them started early!    Right: The yeast flask.

It seems that almost all of our friends are either having babies this year or have recently had babies. Jake and Robyn are expecting just a few weeks behind us, and Jake’s neighbor Jesse (pictured above) only recently welcomed their daughter. It’s good to know we have great folks who live nearby with whom we can experience this adventure.


Left: That is some pink hair.    Right: Mark being…Mark.

It’s safe to say that as the night progressed, we all started to get a bit silly. Must have something to do with the beer.


Adding the yeast! Jake insisted it was the right amount.

The finished product, sitting in the fridge to ferment.

This was my first year attending Jake’s summer brewing session. I had a great time and I’m hoping to get invited back again next year. As always, the photos are available at:

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  1. Jake Bruun says:

    Stu, you won’t have to wait long to sample this brew. I plan to have it on tap at the gender reveal party.

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