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Busted Android Phone

As my phone approaches two years of age it is experiencing an increasing number of issues. At first I had minor problems such as text messages disappearing into the ether. Since then things have escalated to more serious issues such … Continue reading

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Waiting at PDX

We are preparing to receive visitors! As we sit here at Stanfords sipping on a beer and a Shirley Temple respectively, my parents are on the final leg of their long flight from England. We are looking forward to hosting … Continue reading

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Approaching 500 Miles

I’m approaching 500 miles on my new car. So far I’ve put in two tanks of gas and given it a couple of runs through the car wash. However, what I’ve taken out is an absolutely unbelievable amount of fun. … Continue reading

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Busy Saturday

This is shaping up to be a very busy Saturday. This morning we were up at the crack of dawn, preparing to drive down to Oregon City to get my car detailed. When I bought my STi the salesmen tried … Continue reading

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