Busy Saturday

This is shaping up to be a very busy Saturday. This morning we were up at the crack of dawn, preparing to drive down to Oregon City to get my car detailed. When I bought my STi the salesmen tried to sell us a whole package of treatments and value adds. I turned them all down but caved on the leather treatment package. Apparently they can treat the interior to extend its life and it adds some warranty that repairs damage. We’ll see how that plays out should any damage occur. I’m fairly certain I just bought Doc Brown’s Wonder Tonic but with a little one on the way it felt at least like a decent placebo. So we saddled up and bombed down the freeways at 7am to get the first appointment slot of the day.

Later this morning we have an appointment with the Beaverton Police department to inspect and review our new child seat and how we have it installed in my car. They offer a free clinic a couple of times a month and we want to take the opportunity before the rest of the year flies by at the same pace these first 7 months have.

We’re hoping to be out of the police department in enough time to hit the Beaverton Farmer’s Market as that is where we buy the bulk of our food for the week. With luck we’ll get there before noon while there is still some good meat and produce for sale.

This afternoon we’re helping our friend Mark celebrate his birthday at a BBQ. With the reports of 98 degree weather today, I’m not sure who’ll be getting barbecued more, the brats on the coals or the pale skinned, melanin deficient, sunburn factories like Meaghan and I. Definitely going to be slathering on the sunscreen today.

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