Approaching 500 Miles

I’m approaching 500 miles on my new car. So far I’ve put in two tanks of gas and given it a couple of runs through the car wash. However, what I’ve taken out is an absolutely unbelievable amount of fun. This car invites you to drive it. I’m finding excuses to run errands in a manner I haven’t known since I first got my license and was taking any opportunity to give people a ride.

The STi is simply fabulous. It sounds great and looks amazing, but the real joy is in the depth of the experience you get from driving it. It feels like a go-cart, a really, really powerful go-cart. In S# mode (the “race” setting) the throttle response is so immediate that planting your right foot will take you into another time zone. You can feel yourself being welded into the back of your seat as your eyeballs fall through the back of your head. It’s spectacular.

Here’s what I’ve learned after the first few weeks of driving the Subaru Impreza WRX STi Limited:

  • I like sports cars. They sound “right”.
  • Worrying about gas mileage will make you feel older.
  • Always get the leather trim package. Pay for all of the extras.
  • People are nicer to you when you drive a nice car.
  • Girls think sports cars are childish. They also find them incredibly sexy.
  • Driving a “sexy” car makes their pants fall off (well, it makes my wife’s pants fall off).

I’m looking forward to hitting 1,000 miles. That’s the end of the break-in period and a kind of automotive “coming of age.” Maybe we should throw a party? I bet the STi would like that.

Just as I pulled into my spot at work a few days ago I noticed I’d hit 500 miles exactly…and what a great 500 they have been!

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