Busted Android Phone

As my phone approaches two years of age it is experiencing an increasing number of issues. At first I had minor problems such as text messages disappearing into the ether. Since then things have escalated to more serious issues such as being unable to place or receive phone calls, and more often than not the inability to get a response from the touch screen. It’s getting to the point where the phone is almost unusable. Today I had to restart twice just to be able to place a call. I can get to the dialing screen and even enter a number, but pressing the button to place a call completely freezes the screen. I see the call length counter increasing but other than that the phone is completely frozen. Sucks!

Worse than the inability to place a call is the inability to answer one. In these cases I see that a call is incoming, but when I go to answer it the interface freezes up. The touchscreen is unresponsive, as are the four action buttons. Even pressing the power button has no effect except to mute the ringer. I have to restart the phone to get it to respond again, at which point I’ve completely missed the original call.

Fortunately, my contract is about to expire and I’ll be able to get a new phone in October. After my unimpressive experience with Android I’m strongly considering picking up the iPhone 5. Sprint have been OK so far. I was very mad that they extended my contract by one year without warning, but other than that I’ve been fairly satisfied with their service. I’ll weigh up prices and options in the fall and pick my carrier for the next two years.

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