Assassins Creed

Since getting my new gaming machine, I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite series. One of these is the Assassins Creed pentilogy. I’ve played the first two and a part of Brotherhood, but got distracted at the start of this year when we started looking for a house. Rather than picking up where I left off, I decided to start from the beginning. It has been five years since I played the original and I’d like to experience the story in one continuous flow. Hoping the momentum will carry me all the way through to the newly released AC3.

Jerusalem Al Mualim

As I came upon Jerusalem I was reminded just how amazingly pretty this game can be. Aside from all of the backstabbing, flag hunting, horse chases, and general chaos, there is a wonderful and engrossing depiction of a thousand year-old land that is rich with life and culture. It’s a great experience filled with some fantastic game play.

So far I have assassinated Tamir and am now en route to Acre and Jerusalem to report to the guild masters there. I’ve been slow-playing the story so far instead spending time hunting the Templar and the various hidden flags. I’ve managed 24/60 Templar and 79/100 King Richard flags so far, which for about eight hours of play is pretty good. Hoping to continue the slow pace and savor the experience.

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