Time Off, Board Games, and Zombies

This weekend was MLK junior day, which for me meant a day off and a three day weekend. Meaghan and I took advantage of the time to unwind and reconnect. Saturday we just sort of did our own thing, and knocked off some errands and tasks we had scheduled. I got to spend some time with Rowen (which was great!) and in the evening we harkened back to some of the “good old days” early in our relationship, camping out in my office, ordering pizza, and firing up World of Warcraft to quest through the Jade Forest (a new area in the Mists of Pandaria expansion).

Rowen had slept for nine and a quarter hours straight on Friday night, which was a new record and a source of much celebration for us. However, the record did not stand long as the very next night she went for eleven hours! We are so proud of her. Not yet three months old and already sleeping through for two consecutive nights. Imagine our adulation on Monday morning discovering that she had slept for yet another long stretch, making it three nights in a row.

My friends Kevin and Roody came over on Sunday to play some board games. We tried a new game Kevin had got over Christmas called the Lords of Waterdeep. It’s a placement game that reminded me of a mix between Puerto Rico and Ticket to Ride in that a limited number of resources each turn could be claimed by players in their efforts to fulfill a series of semi-secret quests. It played very well and on first run through took a little over two hours, including setup. Nicely balanced and recommended for anyone who enjoys Agricola or similar games, with a flavor of D&D thrown in for good measure. We finished with a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse; a card game which pits you and your friends together against a common foe. The game plays out like a classic comic book battle between good and evil and was incredibly well balanced; so much so that we decided to play a second round after narrowly scraping a victory in our first. The second was just as close. Very nail biting. Very fun.

Monday (all weekends should have a bonus day!) I finally got to crack into one of the games that my friend James gifted to me over Christmas. Dead Island sees you assuming the role of a would be hero on a tropical island caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. From the moment you awake in your hotel room it is clear that something is wrong. What follows is the exploration of an island infested with all manner of zombies as you attempt to rescue friends, complete quests, and uncover the mysteries therein. It plays cooperatively although so far I have only experienced single player. I can see how fighting back the hordes with a group of friends would be a blast and look forward to the opportunity to cleave, wallop, kick, and bludgeon as a group.

As is the case with all time off it came to an end all too abruptly, but not without giving opportunity for some relaxation and play time, which is good because it looks as though my next break won’t be until May.

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