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My Best SC2 Game

I had the best SC2 game of my career this morning. Despite a bunch of mistakes I was able to hold off an early spawning pool attack from a Gold league random player on Star Station. He put on a … Continue reading

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I’m officially on vacation for a whole week, starting today. Meaghan, Rowen and I shall be flying to San Diego tomorrow for a week of relaxation in the sun. Apart from a few days over Christmas this is the first … Continue reading

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Designed for Console

Designed for Console …then ported to the PC. I get that video games are expensive to make, and ever more so cross-platform, but surely menu systems and hot-bars could be special cased. I’m really enjoying playing Dishonored but it is … Continue reading

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Six Months!

Rowen is almost six months old! It’s hard to believe the time has gone by so fast, but looking back at her pictures I see so much growth and change that I’m amazed she managed to fit it all into … Continue reading

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