My Best SC2 Game

I had the best SC2 game of my career this morning. Despite a bunch of mistakes I was able to hold off an early spawning pool attack from a Gold league random player on Star Station. He put on a lot of pressure early but I was able to hold it off, turtle up, and eventually out tech him on two bases. Had a moment of panic when he landed a nidus in my main but other than that felt like I played pretty well.

Really enjoying SC2: HotS so far and loving the great community around this game. Thanks to Apollo, Day9, Tasteless, and all the other great casters for amazing footage and some great tutorials and learning resources. Makes the game so much better.

You can find the replay here:

If my casting skills were better I’d FRAPS a replay up to YouTube, but I don’t think I can do it justice.

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2 Responses to My Best SC2 Game

  1. Nice one. Due to the wonders of cross regional play, if you want to play with your cousin Paul, I have a USA SC2 account with Flump.690. Alternatively, switch region to EU and realID me at – glhfgg

  2. Stu Thompson says:

    Awesome! Would love to. We’re in San Diego right now but will be back home next week. See you online!

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