Doom 3 – Defeated

I finally beat Doom 3 today. After years of false starts and lost interest I got the energy to start fresh and make it through. Once I got past the initial levels I found a game that’s actually a lot of fun to play. My gaming has been so scattered lately. It felt great to actually play something through from start to finish and get really immersed in the atmosphere and excitement.






The highlights for me were definitely the close-quarters combat towards the end of the game, and the level of tension that D3 manages to maintain throughout the whole experience. There were definitely some points that dragged, and unfortunately many of those are at the start of the game. Once it gets going though, D3 is a thrill ride with a lot to offer.

Makes me want to play through Doom 2 again on the Ultra Violence difficulty. I remember doing that back in high school with my friend Stuart Wade. Now those were some fun days!

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