If you read online, no doubt you’ve experienced that moment when you come across a great article but just don’t have the time to read it right at that moment. It might be a link on twitter, an article shared by a friend on FaceBook, or a funny as heck video you just found on YouTube. You’d love to watch that cat jump in and out of the box sixty times but you’ve got to get back to work, go to the store, or fall asleep. Time passes and you never really come back to it. The link is lost.

Pocket (formerly Read It Later) lets you jot that link down on a virtual list so that you can catch up later. There are several similar solutions out there, including Instapaper, and Readability. I chose Pocket because I liked the name and it came highly rated.

So in the future, if you find yourself with a link but without the time to watch it, give Pocket a try and see if it can fit in your workflow.

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