Bruunfest Brewfest 2013

Had a great time yesterday with friends I haven’t seen for far too long. Jake and Robyn hosted their annual live beer brewing experience and I had the opportunity to attend for the second time. We started out by picking hop cones from a huge stack of vines.

Hoptastic Adding Hops 

We filled three and a half 3lb buckets of hops, all of which went into the 16 gallons of grain water; that’s Hoptastic! There was some concern that it might even be over-hopped, but that’s such a far fetched concept that it was soon rejected as too unlikely to be true. Can you over-hop beer? Surely that’s like having too much sex and vacation.

Interesting Stuff IMG_4359

We had a little spillage of course (good shot Kevin). Wouldn’t be a beer party if you didn’t splash a little on the ground for good luck. The beer gods clearly accepted the offering as more beer was poured and more beer was drunk.

Spillage IMG_4358 IMG_4371

Beer was drunk, beer was spilled, but fresh beer was brewed. It’s a beautiful circle of life. Can’t wait to taste the finished product. Jake said it would take around two weeks to be ready.

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