Spider Bite

A few days ago, I wrote about my concerns about potential new food allergies. I had developed several red lumps on my head, one particularly large lump and several smaller ones, all painful to the touch and rather unsightly. It took only a few minutes for the allergist to ask about the painful red lumps behind my ears. After closer inspection he identified that I’d been bitten by a spider, and judging from my bodies physical reaction that I had been quite lucky. His best guess was either a black widow, brown recluse, or a hobo spider. We’ve since caught what looked like a hobo spider at home, making that one of the most likely candidates at this point. Apparently, these bites can be quite serious and the doctor indicated that most people should go to the ER if they find similar symptoms (red lumps and swollen lymph nodes). Apparently I’m one of about 20% of people who are lucky enough to just fight it off. Nice to know I’m in good health at least! Fortunately my blood pressure was spot on, and my pulse was in the mid 60s. I was feeling pretty calm considering the news I’d just received.

Treatment was a course of antibiotics and avoiding the fangs of other passing arachnids. I definitely felt a lot more secure once we’d caught (and smashed) our candidate spider. Turns out I was most likely bitten in my sleep. The scenario described was of a spider crawling across my forehead while I slept. Apparently I likely brushed it aside with my hand causing it to feel threatened and subsequently bite me; a total of three times according to the doctor’s visual analysis. Thanks for that one Mr. spider. I’ll be sure to return the favor to any of your peers or colleagues who feel my house is a place they are welcome.

For now, I’m really glad it was me that was bitten and not Rowen or Meaghan. Meg would have fought it off I’m sure, but little Rowen just doesn’t have the strength yet. Feeling thankful it was me and not them.

The red lumps have now receded significantly and while not yet completely healed, my face is at least looking at lot more human again. In truth the antibiotics have hit me harder than the spider venom did. I’m tired most of the day and at night I feel both nauseous and like I have to constantly use the bathroom. Only four more days to go then I can hopefully put this behind me and quickly forget about the whole thing. Friggin spiders! Get out of my house and never return or you might find the next thing you see is the business end of my combat boots!

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  1. Andrew Syred says:

    Hello Stuart,

    You have posted one of our images on your blog site without our permission or appropriate reproduction fee. Additionally, at the bottom of your blog you claim copyright with the following notice, “© Copyright 2006-2011 – Stuart Thompson. All right reserved.” This alone is a DMCA infringement which carries a statutory minimum $2500 penalty.

    The image in question is: white-blood-cell-amungst-red_thumb.jpg (sp. amongst!)
    located at URL: http://blog.stuartthompson.net/2013/08/spider-bite/

    This image is the sole copyright of Power and Syred. Since your blog appears not to be a commercial site you may continue to use our image for this purpose alone providing you correctly attribute the copyright to ‘© Power & Syred’ and place a clickable link to our website, http://www.psmicrographs.co.uk, next to the image. Please also prevent clicking on the image to a larger version.

    I’m sure this is simply an innocent oversight on your part and do not fully appreciate the damage you are doing to our business and livelihood. We invest a huge amount of skill, time and money in producing scanning electron micrographs of this nature and greatly resent our work being glibly stolen and used without permission or even a credit. We look forward to your immediate full co-operation in this matter.

    I have no idea what relevance our scanning electron micrograph has with the blog and why did your doctor prescribe antibiotics for a spider bite?

    Andrew Syred

    • Andrew,
      Thank you for contacting me. I do apologize for using your image without permission. I respect copyright and attempt to vet images prior to use and attribute where appropriate. I will correct my mistake right away.

      Thanks again for contacting me and explaining the situation.

      — Stu

  2. Andrew Syred says:

    Thanks Stuart, much appreciated.

    I wish the myriad of others on the web who infringe our images and are so damaging to our business were so understanding and cooperative.


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