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I’ve used Pocket Informant on iOS for a few years now to manage my various calendars and task lists. It helps me to centralize all of that information in a single view on both my iPad and iPhone. However, when the product initially launched the publisher didn’t have a server-storage solution so all of the data was locked on the device. They did offer integration with several other services including ToodleDo, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks. That was enough and I worked a simultaneous ToodleDo and PI workflow with the data for tasks being stored in ToodleDo, my calendar stored in GCal and then using PI as the user interface to both. There were rough edges, but for the most part it solved my problem pretty well.

About a year ago the publisher released Pocket Informant Online. It’s essentially a server storage solution that would replace the need for services such as ToodleDo. At the time I had an active TD subscription and therefore no reason to switch. However, since that expired and due to a few other problems with the integration of the services, I’ve now switched to Pocket Informant Online. The web interface is a bit rough (although still marked as beta) but the syncing service seems to work smoothly. I plan to spend the next few weeks with this workflow and see where it ends up.

In true GTD fashion I’ve tried to avoid overthinking the system, instead just plugging in tasks, setting reminders and working around the bumps as they crop up. Apart from the beta web interface everything else seems to be working together nicely. Here’s hoping that I’ve managed to improve my task management system!

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