Playing at the Pumpkin Patch

We took Rowen to the pumpkin patch this afternoon. She got to ride on a boat over to the patch, and then on a train to get back. The place was well organized and it didn’t take long being out in the sun for Rowen to develop a wide smile. She ate a bit of hay from the hay bales, and loved the boat ride. We couldn’t stop her looking over the edge of the boat into the water. She seemed fascinated by a bathtub that spanned so much surface area.

DSC_0025-2013-10-13-12-04  DSC_0024-2013-10-13-12-04

There were a lot of people at the farm, but there was no danger of them running out of pumpkins. The patch had more than enough for the multitudinous crowds. We searched for a time, moving from pumpkin to pumpkin, poking, prodding, and sizing them up. A few held attention for a short while, but none stood out in that special way.

DSC_0053-2013-10-13-12-11  DSC_0074-2013-10-13-12-13

Finally, Rowen selected her pumpkin and indicated to us the correct one by first kneeling down, ten lowering her face to it, and finally by attempting to bite it. She came away with a mouthful of dirt and a big smile. We figured that was the sign.


We had a little trouble getting the pumpkin back to the car. A diaper bag, camera bag, and a twenty-four pound baby tend to be enough for two people to carry as it is. Throw in a twenty pound pumpkin and you’ve got a juggling act on your hands. Fortunately, we traded off baby and pumpkin and after a short train ride made it back to the parking lot. It was a fun day out in the sun and a great way for Rowen to pick her first pumpkin.


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