BlizzCon 2013

We bought the virtual ticket for BlizzCon again this year, converting our living room into a virtual conference hall.

Yesterday we watched the Starcraft 2 tournament round of 16 and round of 8. Naniwa (the Swedish player Johan Luchessi) did amazingly well to qualify but unfortunately was knocked out by Soulkey, the #1 ranked Zerg player. Bomber and Jaedong played incredibly well and are my current picks for the final. If they do meet it will be an incredible match, in which I’d give the slight edge to Bomber. He has an amazing Zerg-killing style.

The costume contest is a huge highlight. We watched the first half this morning via the archive stream and plan to finish it off this evening. The costumes people come up with are just incredible. So much work!! My favorite was definitely “how do you kill that which has no life” (from the SouthPark episode Make Love Not Warcraft) and the amazing female Lich King. Ozzy (the original Prince of Darkness) had me laughing out loud, and the Skeleton King face make-up was amazing. It’s so awesome to see fans put so much passion and effort into dressing  up as the characters the love. Go cosplay!!

FemaleLichKing  MakeLoveNotWarcraft
Ozzy  SkeletonKing

Can’t wait for the Starcraft 2 finals this afternoon and this evening. Then for the rest of the week we’ll get to catch up with the archive streams for the panels we missed. There are previews of Reaper of Souls, the newest Diablo III expansion, as well as the new crusader class. On Warcraft we have the newest expansion about the land of Draenor. It’s going to be a fun week!

I’d love to attend BlizzCon in person one year, but for now converting our living room into a virtual BlizzCon hall makes for a great weekend. We can rewind the streams, catch up on the archives of panels we have missed, and we don’t have to queue for the bathroom.

photo 1   photo 2 2

photo 2   photo 3 2

Meaghan and Rowen have been enjoying the StarCraft so far. Rowen loved the costume competition. All those people dressed in colorful and outlandish outfits. Thanks to the magic of HDMI output, we were able to stream the show from Meaghan’s gaming laptop right into our decoder to then send to our main living room TV. We’re not yet quite at a flawless united living room experience (it took some messing around to get the setup just right) but it’s getting a lot closer. I can keep the schedule up on the laptop screen while viewing the show full-screen on the TV.

photo   photo 4

All this StarCraft and WarCraft coverage makes me want to go play. Happy BlizzCon all! Look forward to seeing you online.

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