Thief – Nitpicks

Having now played for around ten hours, I’ve come across a few nitpicks that I’d like to share. A few of these contain minor spoilers so please read with caution. None are big enough to spoil the game at all neither are they unique to Thief; I have seen similar in other related titles. They are mostly just little niggles that tug at me while I’m playing.

Continuity Errors

  • When I loot three piles of five coins and get rewarded for “20 gold coins” my brain goes “huh?”
  • Guard in cut-scene looting bodies says “we’ve never seen any rings on these corpses before” and yet two tables over I find a silver ring set next to a corpse just ready for the taking
  • Beggars on the streets in the nastiest end of town talking about how they haven’t eaten for days. Gold coin sitting on a crate in broad daylight not five feet from where they are. Something isn’t quite right here.

Join-Points in Parallel Sections
There are certainly many different ways to work through the various levels, but that just makes the where the parallelized sections re-join each other stand out that much more. So much so that I often use those as cues to backtrack and see what I’ve missed. The narrative also is a bit heavy-handed at times. “Find another way into the office” means “turn right and look for the ladder that must be right there and is even glowing blue to be really, really sure you don’t miss it.” Along with the in-game map it’s almost impossible to misunderstand exactly where you should go next.

Sound Mechanic Inconsistencies
A sleeping guard ten feet from a locked door will awaken at the sound of a single dropped pin during a lock-pick attempt. Jumping up and down on a marble floor right next to his ear, however, and he nary misses a beat.

Patrol Path Lengths
I’m still fairly early on this game so maybe the game is easing me in, but some of the guard patrol paths are so short they just seem silly. Some of the guards will tour the same few feet of ground over and over, all on a perfect cadence. It makes evading them predictable, but sitting and watching even for just a few cycles made me laugh at how bored the guard must get with his “route.”

Occasional Blind Guards
I like being Uber in games. It’s why I play games. Yet there are a few guards that seem a bit blind. I can get just a few feet away while they are looking right at me then run around like I’m wearing the One Ring. On easier difficulty settings I can understand the lenience, but I’m playing on Master with all the assists disabled. I expect these guys to have the kind of eyesight that can count the hairs on a spider from fifty feet on a dark, foggy night. Hoping some kind of LensMasters patch is in the works.

None of these issues stand out enough on their own, but they are part of a growing theme in video games. One where the shadow and lighting models are tweaked to perfection and are so beautiful as to serenade your eyes, while at the same time these glaring little inconsistencies slap you repeatedly across the cheek.

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