Black Butte Ranch

We arrived at Black Butte Ranch yesterday afternoon after a super-easy drive accompanied by great views. A short drive to Salem, quick stop for lunch, and then a couple of hours on a winding road through the forest. Rowen did fantastically, just playing with her toys, reading her books, and a couple of naps. Rowen is a great traveller, but as a parent any smooth journey is a welcome boon.

The cabin is comfortable and very well appointed. Everything was clean and tidy, and a pack & play was ready and waiting for us as well as a Graco high chair. Always appreciated when call ahead items are ready and waiting. The three bedrooms are all great size, and having a room just for Rowen is a huge plus.


We took a day zero walk to get our surroundings. The ranch area is really easy to navigate. All the roads are labeled and marked, and most have trails that weave a more scenic route. Mum and I walked for about thirty minutes and covered only a small part of the full area. This place is big!


There is still some snow on the ground. The weather is currently mid 60s and very pleasant, but the cover provided by the forest could keep the snow patches around for weeks yet. The coverage provided by the trees means there is very little wind. It’s all rather pleasant.

Looking forward to exploring today (once Rowen wakes from her morning nap). We’re thinking of taking a look at the pool and spa area. My goals are to relax, take some time away, and do a good amount of nothing. At least one day I intend to just sit on the deck, look at trees, and probably play some Puzzle Quest.

I’ll be uploading photos to SmugMug and blogging where I can.

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