Swimming, Swinging, and Fine Dining: BBR Day Two

In the morning we set out for the swimming pool. Not a fifteen minute walk from our cabin is a great sports center, with bike rentals, a sports shop (for those things we’d forgotten), and a grand indoor pool. We took Rowen into the shallow pool at first to help her get her first steps. She wasn’t sure about going in deeper than waist-height at first, but after finding her feet she gradually started stepping out into deeper and deeper water until finally it was up to her chin. After that she was set and let us carry her out deeper and deeper. She was splashing around and having fun, going from person to person to be carried around the pool. Eventually she let me help her to float on her back for a few seconds. A bit unsure, but so trusting. For a first time in the pool without an inflatable floaty, she did great!

The scenery on the walk was beautiful. Snow-capped mountains on one side, with forest all around. The weather has been a solid and very pleasant 60 degrees since we arrived. The wind is baffled nicely by the forest, allowing the sun to gently warm but without danger of sun-burn. After Rowen’s afternoon nap, we took a walk to the playground we had seen next to the swim center.


Rowen immediately spied the swings and that signature smile was not far behind. Then Grandad showed that he too is a kid at heart. We almost had the playground to ourselves, with only one other family besides us there. I ran around with my camera as usual.


After the swings we investigated a tunnel. Rowen wasn’t sure at first and there were a few false starts, but after some encouragement from Mummy at one end and Grandma at the other she crawled through and loved it. It’s amazing how often she learns a new skill. Feels like almost every time we come to a playground she tries something new.


We finished with the slide. Everyone had a go. Grandma and Grandad even went down together. Rowen can slide down on her own, but wasn’t going to miss the chance to slide down with both Mum and Grandma. At that moment of acceleration, she squeals with joy and wants to go again as soon as she reaches the bottom.


In the evening we went to the Lodge restaurant. We dined next to one of the greatest views I’ve seen, looking over a lake at five snow-capped mountains, while a glorious sunset cast an array of colors across the whole landscape. The food and drink were great, and of course the company was superb. What a great day.

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