Snow, Horses, and Farewell: BBR Day Three

This morning we woke to a blanket of snow and freshly falling flakes. I slept in and did nothing. It was everything I thought it could be. Meaghan and Dad went horse riding. Fortunately, they were the only sign-ups and being a slow time of year they were guided by the owner. They got to see the Three Sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity; three volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range. In “the meadow” they heard hundreds of bull frogs that would go quiet as they approached. Over the course of two hours, they were guided around a huge area of the ranch and saw all manner of trees, streams, and wildlife. Meaghan has been wanting to go horse-back riding for years and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Mum and I took Rowen to the playground to enjoy the snow and the fresh, crisp air. Rowen found a convex bubble like a porthole. We played looking through at each other for a while. As always the swings were a hit, but of greatest mention was the snow itself. As we were pushing the stroller and walking along the trails, Rowen pointed at pine cones we were passing. Handed a pine cone, she began sucking the ice from the surface like it was a little ice-cream. Once the snow had been completely sucked off, she simply tossed the pine cone to the side and pointed at the next one.



The weather soon proved cold on little fingers and despite some protesting it was time to wrap up tight and head back to the cabin. The weather and scenery presented opportunities for some great photographs. I’ve had a blast with my camera. Everywhere we go there are interesting features, scenery, and wildlife; and of course Rowen captures my lens at every turn.


Tonight, as a farewell, Meaghan and I took one last walk around the trails. We’ve had a superb time here. It’s gone by fast as always, but we’ve used the time well and made some great memories. We’re already talking about when we might come back.


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