Commander’s Log #3 – The Road to Lave Pt2

Lave Ho
I finally reached Lave. While I didn’t have my webcam turned on, I can assure that a huge smile was on my face as I saw Riedquat, Leesti, Diso, and Lave approach on my jump list.

He Bravely Ran Away
After reaching Lave I ran into a player named Cmdr Battleship Kickass flying a Cobra Mk III. He had a total bounty of 43k on his head and was vocal about his combat skills in local chat. I caught his attention by attempting an interdiction, a situation which he reversed ultimately interdicting me instead. I’d given up on my original interdiction attempt following a long turning battle in frame-shift and was pleasantly surprised when he decided to do it instead. Shortly after he threw out another couple of comments about his skills, right before I tore his shields apart and reduced his hull to 71%. He burned 4k away from me and sufficient doubt about my ability to finish the fight caused me to engage super-cruise and escape. I was carrying a good haul of cartographic data and some bounty vouchers that I wasn’t keen to lose. I figured I could always look for him again a bit later.

Lave and the surrounding systems certainly seem a lot busier and more populated than the space I’ve been exploring recently. I’m looking forward to getting into some PvP dogfights, but I’d like to get a stronger hull first. The Adder is a great exploration ship but it’s not as well suited to direct combat despite the pretty amazing maneuverability.



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