Commander’s Log #2 – The Road to Lave Pt1

I continue my mission to Lave, passing through several systems along the way. I don’t find any bounties this time but manage to gather a lot of juicy exploration data which I’m able to sell for a tidy payday.

Of primary note were the systems of AO and Esumindii with honorable mention to Bunus for a close call with an Anaconda. I skipped through a lot of empty looking systems but decided to stop in Bunus to investigate a signal source. An anaconda pilot with a clean record by the name of Perdicio indicated “I think you’re probably carrying enough for all of us.” (35:55) An odd statement given that my cargo hold was empty, but sufficient evidence for him to open fire. I wasn’t immediately aware of the threat and didn’t flee as quickly as a I probably should have done. It took a few bursts of laser fire off my hull and then an incoming missile before I truly realized the danger I was in. Anacondas are big ships and it surprised me that a pilot with a clean record would be interested in my little adder. It’s easy to forget the dangers of an anarchy system.

AO was an enormous system chock full of planets with a host of moons. I’ll have to return here when I have a surface scanner to collect all that scrumptious data. I docked up in a place called Avicenna Hub to refuel, repair, and sell the cartographic data I’d gathered along the way. The hub was a gorgeous Coriolis station a little away from a series of ring planets. I docked at landing pad 16 and sold 2,833 Cr of exploration data. A nice easy payday with no need to expend ammunition.

After a short break I continued on through a further six systems, stopping to gather some exploration data along the way. It was mostly uneventful apart from the incident with the Anaconda I described earlier. I finally docked at another Coriolis station called Nourse City in the system of Esumindii. With even more cartographic data to sell I made another 3,020 Cr for a total of 5,903. Pretty good for a voyage of a little under an hour that was on my way. Checking the galaxy map it looks as though I’m getting much closer to my destination of Lave. One more voyage and I should be in the original home system.


Route Data

  • Clauss City (Gunnovale)
  • Alrai Sector DL-Y D122 (8.57 Ly)
  • Ross 529 (8.20 Ly)
  • Ross 854 (6.58 Ly)
  • LP 917-1 (4.32 Ly)
  • Alrai Sector HG-X BI-4 (8.30 Ly)
  • LP 915-27 (2.80 Ly)
  • AO (6.87 Ly)
    • Avicenna Hub (AO) docked for refuelling and to sell nav data
  • LHS 2891 (8.21 Ly)
  • LP 912-32 (6.88 Ly)
  • 1 | Centauri (6.23 Ly)
  • Bunus (7.11 Ly)
  • Crucis Sector FM-V B2-O (6.97 Ly)
  • Esumindii (7.09 Ly)
    • Nourse City (Esumindii) docked for refueling and to sell nav data

Cartographic Data (Exploration)
Sold to Avicenna Hub (AO):

  • LHS 3315 (967 Cr)
  • Ross 529 (202 Cr)
  • Alrai Sector DL-Y D81 (204 Cr)
  • Alrai Sector GW-W CI-14 (203 Cr)
  • Alrai Sector DL-Y D122 (204 Cr)
  • Alrai Sector KH-V B2-6 (201 Cr)
  • Alrai Sector IM-V B2-7 (701 Cr)
  • LTT 6883 (201 Cr)
    • TOTAL: 2,883 Cr

Sold to Nourse City (Esumindii):

  • LHS 2891 (610 Cr)
  • LP 912-32 (1,807 Cr)
  • LP 915-27 (201 Cr)
  • Ross 854 (201 Cr)
  • Alrai Sector HG-X BI-4 (201 Cr)
    • TOTAL: 3,020 Cr

Grand total: 5,903 Cr

Efficiency: 6,944 Cr/hour   (5,903 Cr in 51 minutes)

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