Weekend Alone

Meg and Ro are visiting Meaghan’s sister in Medford this weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday. I’m holding down the fort and getting in some much needed recharge time.

Thanks to Amazon Prime I have a wealth of TV shows at my fingertips. Perfect for a hermit weekend of media consumption. I’m starting out with Boardwalk Empire since I’ve heard good things from a few folks already. The 1920s gangster genre often provides a rich source of storytelling material. HBO usually knock out pretty solid content too.

While I watch I’m playing through Sleeping Dogs. It’s a Grand Theft Auto style game set in Hong Kong that I’ve owned for a while but never seemed to find the time to play. Since I have a big block of time I thought it would be great to just immerse in a longer story  and find out what it’s all about.

Apart from TV and gaming, I’m planning to just relax, get in some workouts and probably nap a lot. We’ve got some big pushes coming at work over the next few months and I’m hoping this weekend will get me relaxed and prepared to ride the storm.

As Meg and Ro progress on their journey I’m tracking it with the iCloud “Find my iPhone” feature. Pretty cool to be able to watch the green dot progress down the highway. Gives me some reassurance that they are safe and doing well. Kinda cool from a tech perspective too. We’re all carrying several GPS devices with us on a day to day basis. May as well use that data.

Wishing them a safe and enjoyable drive and hoping they have a great time celebrating in Medford. I’m going to miss them both the whole time.

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