A Walk in the Park

We took Rowen to Rood Bridge park again today. It’s rapidly becoming one of our favorite destinations.

Rowen is getting stronger and steadier on her balance bike every time we go out. Hills are becoming much less of an issue and her stamina is much improved. The heat  did eventually get the better of her though and she decided to walk for a while. I think this next picture says it all. She has that perfect look of “how much further do we have to go?”

Fortunately at about that time we saw a wild rabbit on the trail. Rowen was so excited she started making little houses for bunnies to sleep in. They mostly consisted of small piles of grass on the side of the trail. She likes to pull up the grass and then arrange it in a makeshift “bed.”

Enamored with the possibility of outdoor housing, Rowen then started to find grass houses of her own to stay in. She showed me around, pointing out where she would sleep and eat, saying “I’ll be warm and cozy here daddy.”

Exploring her new grass house.

 “I’ll be cozy here daddy.” It didn’t take long for her to realize that she still wanted her bike, and her toys. She decided to donate the house to the bunnies to “help them feel better.”

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