EVO 2015

As always, I had a great time watching EVO 2015 on the srkevo Twitch streams. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s king of fighting tournaments:

Streaming Schedule
With eight streams this year, there was more content than I could hope to watch. I mostly stuck with the USF IV streams on Friday and then watched UMvC3, Mortal Kombat, and a little Tekken 7 on Saturday, then the finals of those games on Sunday. That left more than enough time to take breaks, get in a few workouts, and go to the park with Meg and Ro.


The 2015 SRK EVO subscription came with a new set of Twitch emoticons.


Early Pools (08:27)
The room was still mostly empty when the early pools kicked off on Friday.
PR Rog is Competing Again (08:54)
It was great to see that Eduardo Perez (aka PR Balrog) was competing again this year. There had been rumors of his retirement, but fortunately he was in attendance and ready to show us that boxer is still a competitive fighter.
Some Early Action (10:43)
A mid-morning fight featuring Gackt.
Poonkgo Defeats a Disrespectful Player (14:22)
The guy crossed the line when he took his shirt off and put it on Poongko’s shoulder.
Matsuri Winning a Match (16:20)
She played a great Chun Li. Very patient style.
Gootecks Loses to Haitani (16:39)
The look says it all.
Alex Valle Defeats Bonchan (18:36)
He beat him with solid fundamentals using Hugo. Great spacing and that standing fierce looked terrifying. Cute girl in the background with the red hair too.
Daigo Beats Ragajin in the Quarter Finals (18:47)
Luffy Defeated by Dieminion (18:56)
Luffy was sent to loser’s bracket.
PR Balrog Sent to Losers Bracket by Xian (19:32)
It was a great fight by Xian.
Winner’s Bracket (end of Day 1)
Loser’s Bracket (end of Day 1)
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