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Demon Hunter

Of all the World of Warcraft expansions, I’m most excited for Legion. Not just because it is new and enticing in that way but because of the new class, the Demon Hunter. Continue reading

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Bring the rain

The weather this morning was perfect. Meaghan and I took Rowen to the Beaverton Farmer’s market as is our norm on a Saturday. While the winds made it at times difficult for vendors to hold down their stalls, it meant … Continue reading

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Apple Music

I signed up for Apple Music as soon as iOS 8.4 hit my phone. So far I’ve been very happy with it, although I’ve heard that others are experiencing some issues upon canceling their subscriptions. I’ll have to wait and see … Continue reading

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Don Quixote

I recently got a bug to read the classic Don Quixote. It’s a big book and I have to wade through some chapters but I’m having a great time. It’s a sad but brilliant tale of a man so taken by … Continue reading

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Wine Journal

Moleskin now offer a wine journal. I can finally pair my love for journaling with my developing love for wine. The journal is carefully laid out with different sections for different kinds of wines as well as spirits and a set … Continue reading

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Kindle PaperWhite

I caved and bought myself a brand-new paperwhite this weekend. I used eBooks before or rather I’ve used my iPad as an eBook before, but this is my first Kindle. It felt superfluous to own an iPad and a Kindle, … Continue reading

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Windows Powershell – How to Rename a Folder

I’ve recently switched over to using Powershell and while I’m liking a lot of what I see, my reflexes have yet to catch up. When I go to rename a folder my fingers want to type mv or ren. I … Continue reading

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