Hawaii Day One – Early Mornings and Lots of Waiting

Rowen did exceptionally well today. Considering that I woke her up in the middle of the night, 04:30 to be exact, and then proceeded to take her through the hurry-up-and-wait exercise that is air travel. She was a superstar. No tantrums, no tears, she just followed directions, held onto my hand, and charmed everyone we came into contact with. By the time we landed in Honolulu I was beaming from ear to ear as several of our fellow passengers complemented her for outstanding behavior, in some cases better behavior than some of the adults on the plane.

It was still the middle of the morning when we arrived in Honolulu according to island time. Yet our bodies and minds were still operating three hours ahead on west coast time. It was clear that we needed to stop for food and rest soon lest we see dissent in the ranks. Fortunately the car rental experience, including the shuttle over there and then inexplicably slow paperwork process didn’t break us. A short but fast drive down H1 soon saw us at our destination, availing ourselves of valet parking and pulling our bags the last few yards of the journey up to our room.

When I say room, I mean suite, and when I say suite I mean “this place is freaking awesome!” Separate bedrooms so that we don’t disturb Rowen and even separate bathrooms to boot. Add a living space, kitchen, and full laundry. We could actually live here, let alone just visit for a few days.

First things first we got Rowen fed, changed, and down for her nap. I ordered room service for us grown-ups while Rowen slept off her epic journey. Like a trooper she was out within a few minutes thanks to some keen assistance from mummy.

One successful nap later, with a short one for daddy too, and we were ready to go in search of adventure. We started with a visit to the pool. Thanks to the exclusive nature of the resort it wasn’t crowded at all. Rowen was swimming up and down all by herself. Can’t imagine where she got that independence. *wink* She even jumped in from the side of the pool after insisting neither Meg nor I catch her. Predictably she sank a good ways under the water following the jump but she didn’t cry, she just surfaced, blew out the water like we’ve taught her to do, and took slow deep breaths until she felt stable again. Love that kid. Seriously, she blows me away with how composed she can be.

After our fun at the pool we set upon a quest to find some kid’s mac and cheese for Rowen and fruity cocktails for Meg and me. We settled on dining at the cheesecake factory because despite being a chain we could visit in Portland it was close to our hotel and fulfiled both of the primary objectives. We left with three satisfied customers, one junior mac and cheese fan and two adults who appreciated a pina colada and pineapple mojito to cool off in the tropical sun.

This evening we took our first foray to the beach. Rowen still can’t believe the whole island is pretty much one big beach so we figured we’d start by showing the one closest to our resort. She was tickled to find that we could walk to the sand and the sea in just a few minutes. It didn’t take long before her shoes were off and she was running up and down through the waves squealing with delight. A longer trip to the beach, armed with sand tools is one of the primary goals for tomorrow. We’re thinking of starting with a grocery run in the morning since the amount of sunscreen alone that will be needed to keep this pale family from burning is rather absurd. We’ll need a temporary set of sand tools too, since we neglected to pack them to save space.

We took this silly photograph in a park across the street from our resort. There were some people playing live music and hula dancers. We stopped for a while to listen.

For now, I’m loving the feeling of both being on vacation and being in a tropical climate with my awesome ladies. It’s already checked a whole bunch of boxes and this was the travel day, where I’ve been up since 3:00am PST. Next stop? More fun.

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