Hawaii Day Two – Now can we go to a beach?

For the last fourty eight hours, Rowen has expressed only a single request “now can we go to a beach?” It must feel so strange to her that we spend all of this time in preparation and travel to get to Hawaii but then fail to run straight down to the beach immediately upon arrival. It is clear that we’re doing it wrong. I took this picture as we ate breakfast and listened to pirate music. I think it says it all.

We started today’s adventure today with a visit to  the fountains across the street from our resort. Ro had a great time running back and forth through the water. Meaghan took the opportunity for a civilized moment to grab coffee and begin the day at a more leisurely pace.

With one drenched Rowen and a now slightly more awake mummy, we reacquired our car from the valet (a service I’d love to see continue in my regular life) and headed over to Walmart. Rowen again questioned our decision making process given that the beach was far closer and infinitely more fun, yet she remained a trooper and helped us to acquire all of the supplies we’d need for our room.

The supply run had taken up a good portion of the morning however, and Rowen was showing signs of needing sleep so we decided it was time for a nap. While Rowen slept, I got the chance to walk around and snap some photos of the surrounding area. Due to the manner in which I held my camera, my face kept getting in the way of the shots.

Finally, after an eternity of patience and a very long afternoon nap she asked her question one final time: “Mummy, daddy, now can we please go to a beach?” She was not disappointed.

Whilst at Walmart we had acquired a new set of sand toys as well as a large inflatable gecko for Rowen to sit on while in the ocean. It spent a good fifteen minutes being dragged around our suite roaring at us. Rowen insists it is not a gecko, but is in fact a dinosaur that says ROAARRR!

I wasn’t able to get any pictures at the beach as I left my phone at the resort to avoid getting it wet. I did manage to get some videos on my waterproof camera, but without access to a full laptop (I’m blogging on my iPad) I can’t transfer or upload them. Might try to use one of the lobby computers tomorrow.

The beach was fantastic. We built sandcastles and swam in the ocean. Rowen was swimming on her own for a good thirty minutes and spent at least another thirty riding around on the back of her gecko. What amazed me most is how confident she is becoming in the water. Twice her head went underwater unexpectedly and instead of panicking she just spit out whatever she had inhaled and then took deep breaths until she felt under control. I’m in awe at her ability to both listen and keep cool under pressure.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the beach we decided upon Jimmy Buffet’s for dinner. Meaghan and I have some great memories from the last time we were here. They have amazing cocktails and we love the live music. Rowen couldn’t help but charm our waitress. She’s been practicing saying “Aloha” all afternoon and unleashed the cuteness with wild abandon. Mummy and Daddy enjoyed their fruity adult drinks while Rowen clapped after every song for the live music. She was winning over the crowd pretty quickly in her new Hawaiian dress, spreading “Aloha” with whomever would listen.

Upon returning to our suite she graced us with her interpretation of Polynesian dance. I think she’s been watching the Hula girls and I even see a little Haka in there. The smile says it all.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Hanauma Bay to literally “swim with the fishes.” Doubtful that I’ll take my phone with me but I’m hoping to get some great shots with the underwater camera. For now “Aloha, and bring me another Mai Tai please!”

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