Vacation (kinda)

I took a few days off between Arris and starting with CrowdCompass. Since we’re already planning to travel in July and are just finishing up buying a new house, we didn’t plan to go anywhere. I’m just taking the days to unwind a bit, help around the house while I can, and study up for my new position. I’ve got a stack of books on my desk that I’m slowly working through and I’m practicing on my Mac and Ubuntu machines to get my linux muscle memory back a bit. I’ve used them in the past for development, but it’s that day-in-day-out twitch memory that will take a little bit of time to come back.

In addition to the OS I’ve giving myself a primer on Ruby, Python, and AWS. All technologies I’ve poked at in the past, but areas that could also use some refinement and practice. It’s rewarding to be learning new things again and I’d forgotten the fun of just building basic algorithms in new languages.

Tomorrow will be my last day before I start fresh with the new job. I’m feeling fairly well prepared and ready to go. Never seems like long enough when you take time off though. I could always use “just one more day.”

Rowen has enjoyed me being here a bit more. We’ve got to spend some time together during the days and go out on a few more family dates than usual. I’ll likely be busy for these first couple of months while I get myself established in my new role so it’s good for us to get to spend a bit of time together now.

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