New Job, New House

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, so I’m going to do so now. As an addendum, my first day with CrowdCompass went great. I was so busy and by the end of the day my brain was so full that I just zoned out on the ride home. Met a ton of great people and absorbed a large amount of new information. More fire-hose drinking today, I think.

We sign away out house this evening. I’m going straight to the broker’s office from work. Then it’s just a matter of a few days before we sign the paperwork for our new house. It’s all moving very quickly, but I’m happy to report that everything continues to go smoothly.

from yesterday:

This morning I’m riding the MAX downtown to start my first day at CrowdCompass. I’ve had a gret few days to unwind and relax since I left ARRIS. I enjoyed spending a few days with my family, reading books, playing games, and generally just unwinding. Of course with the pending house move and a desire to study up for my new job it hasn’t all been leisure and play, but sufficient to help me feel relaxed and ready to go.

The house move is coming along well. We’ve passed both inspections and appraisals now. All that remains is to sign the closing paperwork and move all of our stuff. We’re hoping to be all moved in by the middle of June. It has been an enjoyable process so far. We’ve encountered very few headaches and been fortunate enough to avoid most of the pitfalls buyers and sellers seem to run into. I think we read the market pretty well and I felt a lot more prepared this second time around.

The new house is beautiful. Both Meg and I are very excited about the location. It is very close to a number of greenspaces, some great schools for Rowen, and still provides a good commute downtown for me. We have gained a great yard with plenty space for Rowen to play, and a nice outdoor grilling space where we can sit and enjoy some outdoor meals this summer.

On the inside there is enough room for us all to create the living spaces we would like. Meg will finally get a dedicated craft and art room and I have a lovely adjoining space for my piano. It’s a great win for us and we’re very excited to move in and get settled.

The new job is going to be a great challenge for me. It’s in an entirely unfamiliar technology stack. I’ve worked most of my career on Windows in the Microsoft suite of software development tools and technologies. This is in completely the opposite world. I’ll be developing in linux and on a MacBook Pro in Ruby, Go, Python, Java, Android, and iOS. Rather than the Azure cloud host I’m more familiar with it will be hosted with Amazon Web Services. While this may seem like an odd move, I’m completely excited to start developing in a completely new suite of technologies. Many of the fundamentals transfer in their entirety so it’s not like I’m starting completely from scratch and I’ve already come up to speed on some of the new stuff in just the few days I took off between jobs. Cloud principles between Azure and AWS are very similar and both Ruby on Rails and Web API host REST web services in similar ways. There will be a lot of learning around frameworks and best practices but I’ll come up to speed quick enough. I love learning new things so the excitement alone of diving into something I don’t know will carry me through.

The new commute will take a little getting used to. I was used to a 15-20 minute drive to ARRIS. This new ride will be about double that but the majority (30 minutes) will be on public transport. I’m hoping to capitalize on that time to get some work done and perhaps even write here a little more often than I have been. 🙂

I have some work to do yet on determining which MAX station I want to catch the train from. While the stations closer in take a little less time to get there, by catching a train a little further out I have better options for parking and a better chance of getting a seat. I’ll have to experiment with different stations and routes to see what works out best and might just change it up once in a while to keep some variety in there.

One option I’m curious about is riding my bike to the Sunset Transit Center. I’m nervous about leaving my bike at a public transit garage, just because I’d hate for it to get vandalized. I’m also nervous about the fact that I’m not eighteen any more and don’t have the same stamina I used to have. It would be about a five mile ride, which isn’t that far on a bike but is still a fair slog compared with the cushy “drive everywhere” lifestyle I’m accustomed to. I’m sure if I just slogged through it for a few weeks that I’d get into the sort of shape that doesn’t consider it to be a slog. I’ll have to test out the route and see how many busy roads it involves. I’ll be much more inclined to consider it if it’s on backroads more than busy highways.

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