Terrible Experience with Frontier Communications

After moving in to our new house, Meaghan and I of course wanted internet service. Having heard some positive things about Frontier, and enticed by their 150/150 FioS service we decided to give them a shot. What transpired was an awful experience spanning over two weeks and involving over ten hours of wasted time. The installation didn’t ever get completed.

It all began with a rather normal phone call to their sales department. I described the services we wanted and we scheduled a date for installation. I was a little disappointed at the nine-hour service window, “we’ll be there somewhere between 8am and 5pm”, but they agreed to come on a Saturday so we just resigned to being home for the day.

First Failed Install

The technician never showed up. We got a phone call on Saturday morning indicating that there was a problem with our order. Apparently the salesperson reactivated service for the previous homeowners instead of setting us up as a new account. An hour on the phone with a customer service rep and we had a new installation date of Tuesday. We’d now been without internet service for a week. Tuesday was another nine-hour service window, but Meaghan kindly agreed to be the one to stay home.

Second Failed Install

At around two o’clock we got the phone call to say that the tech was fifteen minutes away. Unfortunately, upon arrival we found out he was the wrong kind of tech. Apparently he can only do copper cable service and since we’d ordered their optical fiber FioS service there was nothing he could do. He confirmed that the order clearly stated fiber optic service, gave some story about dispatch making a mistake and drove away.

I then spent the next two hours just trying to get in touch with their customer service. I was bounced between three different departments each with a twenty minute hold period. The last person I talked to explained they couldn’t help me, said they would transfer me to a fourth person. I was cut off during the hold while being transferred. That’s when I took to twitter:

It turns out that @AskFrontier actually wanted to help. Unfortunately they clocked out shortly after 4pm PST and said they would continue in the morning. By now I was pissed, and I made it pretty clear:

Fuck these guys. Seriously. They are a terrible company to work with. I spoke with “Bill” the next morning (when he finally actually called me back) and basically told him to scrap the whole order.

The conclusion is that we called ComCast who sent out a technician and had us up and running within 24 hours. They arrived ten minutes into the one-hour window of 10:00-11:00 as promised and were thoroughly professional. Very well done, Comcast.

What could Frontier have done differently?

Everyone makes mistakes. I understand that. However, here is a company that has screwed up our order twice and instead of going the extra mile to help us out basically pushed us off as though they didn’t care. On the Tuesday where the wrong tech showed up and I wasted half of my afternoon on the phone, all they would have had to do is either call me back right away or send out a technician that evening. Pay the guy for an hour of overtime, get us some fiber service and you’ve won a customer for the next four decades. Instead they treated us like garbage and I won’t forget it. If you ever ask my advice about whether to work with Frontier on anything, immediately assume that my answer is NO.

Feedback as a Sales Opportunity; A Despicable Practice

Frontier contacted me this morning to ask if I would complete a survey reviewing the service we received. To add insult to injury they used both the email content and the landing page for the survey as an opportunity to up-sell new services. I had to close two pop-up overlay dialogs just to get rid of the ads for new service that were thrust in my face. Seriously, fuck these guys.

Here is the content of the review I submitted:

I had a terrible experience. Two failed attempts to do an install.

Attempt #1: Order was entered wrong by sales. Instead of adding us as new customers, they instead reactivated services for the previous house owners.

Attempt #2: Wrong technician was dispatched. Copper technician came for fiber install.

Both days completed wasted due to an 8 hour install window with only 30 minutes notice of arrival.

Wasted many hours with customer support on the phone, on email, and over twitter: https://twitter.com/AskFrontier/status/745381628575285250

Complete waste of time with this company. Would not want to ever work with Frontier again.

ComCast completed the install for us within 24 hours, with a one hour install window. Wanted to give Frontier a chance but got to say that their terrible customer service made ComCast look amazing!


I had a terrible experience that left an awful taste in my mouth. I in no way felt special in my dealings with Frontier and they have soured any relationship we might have moving forward. I would highly advise anyone working at Frontier with a vested interest in their future to review their customer support, sales, and dispatch service departments. They need a lot of work.

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