Remembering Lucy

Today we remember a truly loving friend. I am very sad to announce that this morning we lost our cat, Lucy. Ten years ago, we met a tiny fluffy ball of energy. Amidst a flurry of other kittens, she scrambled back and forth chasing anything and everything that moved. She was never the brightest, nor the most graceful of cats. Often found hiding under, in, or behind some box, blanket, or sofa. Lucy had the biggest heart. She just wanted to be loved. She was broken, but in all the right ways. Our hearts are heavy with the sadness of her loss.

I remember the day we took her home. This tiny little creature, so keen to explore the world around her. Her affection was immediate and we knew then that we’d found a friend who was very special. While today we are very sad at her passing, we are also looking back at the great joy she brought to our lives. People form very strong bonds with their pets and so it was for us. I’m going to miss her scampering feet and bright green eyes. I’m going to miss the sound of her licking Meaghan’s laptop keyboard (yes, she really did this), and the sound of her meows when she needed some love.

I regret that we lost her so soon, but look back fondly at the bond we built and the love we shared. Lucy was a bit of a loner at times. She was a phenomenal spider hunter who loved to snuggle, but wasn’t afraid to tell you when she was done. She lived a good life, and brought a lot of love and joy to our house. Meaghan, Rowen, and I are sad to have lost her but so glad to have known her. I’m sorry, Lucy, that your journey had to come to an end. We will always love you.

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  1. Susan Thompson says:

    What a lovely remembrance. Goodbye Lucy we enjoyed your company ! 😔

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