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Heading in a New Direction

Four years ago when I joined Arris it was at the beginning of a turnaround. While the corporation itself was a behemoth, the group I joined contained only a handful of people. Since then I’ve watched it grow to more … Continue reading

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Serialize SQL parameters

Convert a collection of SQL parameters into a name:value string suitable for writing to a log. /// <summary> /// Serializes a collection of /// <see cref="System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter"/>s. /// </summary> /// <param name="parameters"> /// The collection of parameters to serialize. /// </param> … Continue reading

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Http Modules

The .NET framework provides several mechanisms for extending the behaviors of web pages and other endpoints. One such technique is the http module. Modules are often either overlooked as a solution or are considered too heavyweight or scary for use. … Continue reading

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Android Emulator Problems in Eclipse

I’ve recently been playing with the Android SDK using Eclipse 3.5 as a development environment.  I coded up the Hello World sample and all was progressing smoothly.  However, I then coded my own project and after a couple of runs … Continue reading

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Assertions – No Need for Rocket Ships

This article speaks briefly about refactoring and code structure, focusing on several stylistic thoughts that have crept up time and time again throughout my career as a software developer.  The art of software development has many facets, however many of the … Continue reading

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