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Open House Weekend Away

We listed our house for sale on Thursday this week. In just three short days we’ve had a fantastic amount of activity. Our realtor, Sara Gray, has been superb in helping us through the process of getting our home ready for sale. She recommended … Continue reading

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Arrived in San Francisco

Meaghan and I arrived in San Francisco this morning. I’m here to speak at the Women 2.0 PITCH conference on Tuesday, but we figured that we might as well take the opportunity to take a long weekend vacation. I’m speaking to … Continue reading

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Saving Money by riding the Bus

For the first two weeks in my new job I have been taking the bus to and from work. Not really knowing how the costs would work out I bought a monthly pass for May. For $88 it covers all … Continue reading

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Vacation to England – Part I

Posts from our trip to England are coming soon I promise!  I’ve been consumed by importing the posts that were corrupted during my failed upgrade to SubText 2.0 and have as such been procrastinating over starting publication of our photographs … Continue reading

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Back from vacation

Meaghan and I landed at Portland International Airport yesterday afternoon, thus concluding our vacation to England.  We had a truly superb time visiting with my parents, my sister and brother in law, and of course our two nephews Ethan and … Continue reading

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Quarks and Star Trek: The Experience

After nine hours of pre-conference workshops, Laura and I were both hungry and ready for some much needed time to unwind.  What better place to go than Quark’s Restaurant and Bar?!  For any trekkie this is a super-treat.  The menu is trekkie themed … Continue reading

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Family Vacation – Arrivals and Delays

Our adventure began on Thursday August 10th.  The airlines were making the headlines that day because police in England had just arrested 21 people in connection with a terrorist plot to detonate explosives on board several aircraft bound for the United … Continue reading

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