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Walks in the Park

One of our favorite family traditions are our weekend morning walks. Every Saturday and Sunday, Meaghan, Rowen, and I get ourselves out of the house right after breakfast to take advantage of the lovely early morning weather and the best … Continue reading

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Terrible Experience with Frontier Communications

After moving in to our new house, Meaghan and I of course wanted internet service. Having heard some positive things about Frontier, and enticed by their 150/150 FioS service we decided to give them a shot. What transpired was an awful … Continue reading

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New Job, New House

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, so I’m going to do so now. As an addendum, my first day with CrowdCompass went great. I was so busy and by the end of the day my brain was so … Continue reading

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Vacation (kinda)

I took a few days off between Arris and starting with CrowdCompass. Since we’re already planning to travel in July and are just finishing up buying a new house, we didn’t plan to go anywhere. I’m just taking the days to unwind a bit, help … Continue reading

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Heading in a New Direction

Four years ago when I joined Arris it was at the beginning of a turnaround. While the corporation itself was a behemoth, the group I joined contained only a handful of people. Since then I’ve watched it grow to more … Continue reading

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Open House Weekend Away

We listed our house for sale on Thursday this week. In just three short days we’ve had a fantastic amount of activity. Our realtor, Sara Gray, has been superb in helping us through the process of getting our home ready for sale. She recommended … Continue reading

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Progress towards the core

This shot of the galaxy map shows my progress towards the galactic core. The red icon marked Ida Dhor shows my home base in populated space, whereas the blue marker indicates my current location in the galaxy. I’m guessing I’m about … Continue reading

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Learning to run

I’ve never been a runner. I can run and even sprint short distance of course, but it’s not a pretty sight and I rarely achieve anything beyond panting and cramps. Lately I’ve been trying to change that. Together with a … Continue reading

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NDepend – Beyond Static Analysis

I work on a large software project in the cable and telecommunications space. We have a team of developers about 50 in size that is growing every month. What once started as a simple .NET web application has since grown into … Continue reading

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Hawaii Day Five – Pineapples and Chinese Hats

The Dole plantation was established around 65 years ago as a fruit stand. It became famous for its pineapples and as part of the ever expanding Dole empire. These days it is a popular tourist attraction on Oahu. We got an early start this … Continue reading

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